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Lame Lame Lame. Alien "Tr-iPods"? Wahlau, so lame!

What is Shaquille O'neal doing in a movie? I did not watch Brokeback Mountain eventhough I have it in my external hard disk. After seeing a sneak preview in Scary Movie, I just am so scared to watch anymore. The scene of guys hugging and kissing is making every single hair on my body to stand and die later. Most of the story is following the War of the World storyline.

I watched the 3rd and I think it is much better. The one with the Ring, Eminem and Matrix. This version also includes Saw, Saw II, The Grudge, Million Dollar Baby featuring shemale Tyson biting ears like there is no tomorrow and the Village. There is a part where The Grudge Japanese boy ghost talking to the main actress in Japanese. You see subtitles of the conversation below but all they utter are Japanese brands and food! My goodness! I was vomitting blood! Haha!

To me, it is just a so-so movie or below average. Nothing to shout about, just alot of sick jokes all the way.


Initial D fans will be satisfied with this one. Those who watched the first two versions told me this one is really much better in terms of drifting skills used. The first two are all about speed only. Full stop. However, my girlfriend who is an Initial D fan said this is boring! Wahlau eh, I guess Initial D has a higher level of skill compare to this. Haha! Some cool stunts I like is to drift all the way up the circular ramps for those multistorey parking building as well as the ability to drift 360 degrees circulating around a car. Nissan is probably the sponsor as you can see their engines being used in the modified cars.

The final race was set at none other than the legendary Mount Akina which you see in Initial D. There is no place on earth where you can be considered a master drifter if have not raced there. When I saw the dad of the main actor in the scene, I just can't get rid of comparing it with Initial D storyline. I was thinking perhaps the father should start selling toufu! Haha! Those modified motorcycles in the movie are so cool! The fashion, the culture and especially how all the handphones are connected through the whole network of different places located all over Mount Akina shows you just how advanced Japanese handphone technology is!

The sexy Japanese chicks in the movie makes it worth your every single cent to watch! Yummy! Haha! The movie also feature some of your regular Japanese drama actors. The main actress looks like American Idol judge Paula Abdul with extremely wide mouth. Urgh! Turns me off. No one liao meh? There are tonnes of hotter chicks in the movie than her. Her mouth is so wide I fear it will break into halves everytime she speaks. Reminds me of the Canadians portrayed in South Park! Haha!

I like this movie for the skills of drifting shown off here. I am not an Initial D fan so I guess they may think differently than I do. You don't expect a good storyline from a car racing movie. It is just like how storylines of Jet Li martial movies mostly sucked so we went to watch for the sake of the martial art skills.

Many friends who love Pirates of the Caribbean were disappointed from watching the sequel. Now, I lost appetitite to go watch myself. What a bad remark!

Just watched the famous all time classic Love Generation featuring Kimura Takuya, Matsu Takako and Fujiwara Norika. Yeah I know, 1997 drama and I call myself a Japanese drama fan when I just watch it in 2006? Well, I just missed it. To me, with such a high viewership of 32.5%, the storyline is not so spectacular that I will miss this drama. It is your typical love drama with misunderstandings and triangle love - A loves B, B loves C, you get the picture. No spectacular memorable theme songs or any other songs to remember too. To me, just any normal love drama above average. Still, that does not prevent me from loving Matsu Takako acting. She is always such a lovable and charming character, extremely rough for a lady but people just love her. She has the girl next door look and very natural in her acting. I will never want to miss any of her dramas if I have the chance to watch them.


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