Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Ok, I am not that particular in choosing handphones. Therefore, I am not the type who change handphones so often. Since I use handphone in year 2000, I only have two phones! The Nokia 3310 and now the Sony Ericsson K700i. Yes, my old phone is still in good condition! I don't use much functions for the handphone. The few I use are phone calling, SMS, record some data info, timer (normally for laundry and dryer) and the alarm for waking up.

I hate Nokia because I am so sick of the design. All the designs look the same to me and as new models come out, it just give me the impression of trying too hard to impress. I don't have much faith in Korean brands so Samsung and LG are totally out no matter how nice they look. BenQ-Siemens? No way man, I hate BenQ and Acer to the super maximum. How on earth I dare to use a phone with the logo? Now, I wonder will I ever buy another Real Madrid jersey ever again? Until the BenQ ad is dropped, no way man! Sigh! First, with the linking of the players I hate like C.Ronaldo and van Nistelrooy and now BenQ? Please, enough!

I have lost faith in Sony Ericsson after using this handphone of mine. It eats battery like drinking water eventhough I use very common stuff with acceptable times a day for calling and SMS. One day I need to charge at least once. I am so disappointed with it since the digicams have such superior battery life. A totally different thing altogether. The button controls also not very accurate as sometimes when you push for some button, it can jump a few steps. Lagging can happen sometimes too.

Therefore, it is time to get a new handphone! What else is left in the market for me?


Yes, I fall in love with Motorola's super slim and flat buttons! Wow! Love it! I identified three phone models I wish to choose from but will decide on availability, price and size with weight. I heard many people told me about the inconvenience of the functions of Motorola phone. Yes, I agree. I recall I was helping my auntie to download some MP3 songs into the handphone and it took me almost an hour to find them in the internal memory and external memory as well as settle everything for file transfer.

However, I find the keys and especially the joystick extremely tough and accurate. Wahlau eh, really can feel how tough the baby is! Rock solid! I heard people complimenting how tough Motorola phones are as they drop them in some really tough terrains and still survive! That's some advantages.

I have decided on 3 phones to buy:

1. Motorazr V3i DG (Dolce & Gabbana) Special Edition

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Yes, this handphone seems to be suitable for some mafia members or loansharks who go collect debts to use. I can imagine the user to wear dark sunglasses, wears a hat, fur coat, rings with giant stones on each finger, last finger (pinkie) has long nail, smokes a cigar, super big necklace dog-chain size, big bracelet, boots and tattoo here and there. I unfortunately don't have such outfits. Haha!

The golden colour means you can see the user 5KM away! Haha! Even the accessories are in gold! Well, that's anodized aluminium surface for you! Under direct sunlight, you need sunglasses to avoid the glare! Haha!

2. Razr V3x

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This is a 3G phone, so I have a chance to use it if necessary.

3. Motoslvr (L7)

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This phone is so slim (11.5mm thick) and tough you wonder the technology must be damn impressive. I love mobile slim stuffs. However, this baby is abit thicker than the L6 (10.9mm thick) but packed with more functions. I grab one myself and am loving it.

Well, now I will decide base on the pricing. Any of you got good deals with Motorola with friends or relatives working for them? Haha!


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