Monday, September 18, 2006


I joked with Teg last week about 'Theatre of Dreaming' and 'Theatre of Dream On' but he said it is not funny at all! Haha! Now, at least Arsenal win there after deserving tried so many times and miss a penalty. Who is Rooney? Liverpool lost eventhough Chelsea played with 10 men from 51st minute onwards? I know they sold Morientes and now, Morientes is scoring goals for Valencia quite frequently. I think Bellamy and Kuyt have not fully settled down.

Glad that Duff and Martins scored for Newcastle and finally a win! Now, I just ask for some consistency and not to be another Inter Milan please! Real Madrid put Beckham on the bench! Let me celebrate! Woohoo! Still, I can't because Raul Madrid is missing billion of chances a match and still in the starting eleven. I am sick of this!!!!!!!!!! Bring in Robinho, please!!!!!!!!!! Barcelona, as expected, have an easy task to eliminate Racing Santander.

Since we are talking on the subject of dreaming, I went to watch Singapore Dreaming with friends. It is a movie with details, spending too much time on a scene sometimes. Apart from that, the story documents every character well and show us the reality of life in Singapore. Yes folks, the troubles Singaporeans face as well as the pressure to obtain the 6Cs! Image is very important to Singaporeans. A good image prevents you for being looked down upon in society. Pretty sad movie though so be prepared for a very depressing time in the cinemas or your homes (hehe!).

Teg, DoA review please! It will only arrive in Singapore on 26 October, 2006!!!


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