Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Spot this Italian World Cup victory t-shirt with the signatures of all the players by Puma.

The cool thing is the interesting stuff they wrote in the tag that comes with the product. You know we don't really bother what they write inside. It was just coincidence that I wanted to flip through it and saw the funny stuffs they have.

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I don't get these 4 graphics!

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The graph is weird, the Y-axis is the Boring Scale and the X-axis is the Things To Do?!! How do they measure that? They are just trying to be funny I guess. Wu liao.

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It is a simple design with both sleeves having the golden Puma logo and the signatures of the players and the 4 stars to signify the amount of World Cup wins. Can you spot the captain's signature? Il captaino Cannavaro.

How do you guys find the current results from the friendlies? England is again creating such a big hoohaa for beating some unknown football opponents and they celebrate it like they won the World Cup. The attention is surely on the Brazil 3-0 Argentina match. The victory is unexpected, I would expect a high score draw. I am waiting for Teg to review it in his blog! Come on! Faster eh! I heard Robinho was the star and Messi was quiet.

Well, speaking of Robinho just make my heart ache. I just cannot take it that he will feature in the bench of Real Madrid. Favouritism is reigning in Real Madrid even during the Capello era. I thought Capello will bring fairness and authority in selecting his starting 11. The first match already show that this is not the case.

Baptista's transfer is a very sad thing to me especially when he was the most consistent and hardworking performer of last season. The same went to Figo who was the most consistent and hardworking performer but was forced to move for the sake of Beckham. The same goes to Morientes for the sake of Ronaldo as well as Samuel Eto'o even after both of them proved Madrid over and over again they deserved a place in the starting eleven after beating Madrid over and over again by scoring against them! Solari was another victim too. He is one of my favourite players and he always play beautiful football. Isn't it heartbreaking as a fan to see all these happening clearly in your eyes? When the deserved are not being played but the lousy ones are sent out to get lousy results for the club?

I cry for you, Real Madrid! Coincidently, all these players who are more deserving that are not played are at the period where Real Madrid win no titles. It is the darkest period of an era where favouritism rules the club and hence, winning titles is impossible. Reyes for Baptista? I prefer Baptista over Reyes any time even if we just talk about talent alone, without regarding the attitudes involved.


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