Thursday, October 19, 2006


Manchester United VS. Liverpool

Real Madrid VS. Barcelona

What can be bigger than these matches this weekend? Nothing is bigger!

Hope you guys have a great weekend of enjoyable football! I watch the match last night, it was so-so. I was also half awake. Haha! Wrong timing.

Manchester United have a better run than Liverpool currently so I see Manchester United as the favourites to win this tie with the addition of being at home. The showdown in OT (not Over Time) but Old Trafford will of course be a classic. The players to watch lately is Solskjaer, glad to see that he is back again and kicking! Liverpool as always will put all hopes in their captain marvel, Gerrard.

Barcelona, on the other hand, have a more matured squad which has been built through the years so this is the best reason that Real Madrid is at a disadvantage. Madrid had scored alot in some matches but those were against weak opponents. They have yet to date beat a reputable and strong opponent. As a fan, all I ask is to have Robinho to start!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!


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