Thursday, November 16, 2006

FOOTBALL: BARCELONA FAVOURTISM has this article written on Nov. 14, 2006 by Phil Ball down below. I just take a portion out of it. I wonder what he said is true. Mourinho said it, although we can't believe what he says totally as he sometimes blow out of proportions any kind of remarks he made. Well, I don't have much access to live football here, so they most I can check is in the Champions League matches.

Rafa the ruthless

'When Motta got the red card, all hell broke loose. Carles Puyol, who had suffered the twin blows of losing his father and then being dropped from the national squad in the same week, went simply ballistic, and had to be restrained from attacking Rafa, or so it seemed.

In the TV replay Puyol clearly shouts 'Have you ever played football you idiot?', but then at the end of the game, in a rather better mood (Barça won 3-1), Puyol was seen to approach Guerrero and pronounce the immortal phrase 'No me jodas' with something of a grin.

Three minutes after Motta walked, Iturralde also sent off Zaragoza's Juanfran, balancing the books, then awarded a non-existent free-kick from which Ronaldinho put the home side into the lead.

Saviola then scored a third from an offside position and the thesis put forward by José Mourinho the other week about Rijkaard having 'an easy job' because referees consistently favour his side looked to be a valid one. Or is that the Madrid perspective in me speaking? '


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