Thursday, June 28, 2007


Do you have this problem of not able to decide things for yourself when there are too many choices?

Ok, you go to a coffeeshop or kopitiam, sit down there, then waiter or waitress comes by to get your order.

Sexy waitress: Sir, what do want to drink?
You: Erm, let me see. Erm, I think I want Coke! Oh, wait! Maybe Root Beer...oh wait, let me think....erm, maybe apple or fizz up or cloudy lemon or Cola lemon. Wait....wait.....maybe ice lemon tea, erm maybe peach tea, or jasmine green tea....(you still cannot make up your mind because the waitres is too sexy!)(you wish you can talk to her forever so keep on dragging and dragging).
Sexy waitress: (extremely annoyed but don't want to offend the customer) Sir, have you made up your mind?
You: (still want to delay some more) I think, erm, please give me a few seconds to make up my mind. Erm, I think maybe white grape tea, or apple tea or perhaps chrysanthemum tea will do. I still cannot make up my mind. I love all these drinks........(trying to give more excuses to delay)
Sexy waitress: (losing her patience) OK sir, I have met a customer like you before. We have a solution for you. You want effervescent carbonated soft drink or refreshing non-carbonated drinks?
You: I think both I like, hai....still can't make up my mind (trying to be funny and hope she will talk some more).
Sexy waitress: Fine, in that case, I will give you both! I will give you ANYTHING and WHATEVER!
You: Huh? Anything and whatever drink?

So because of a common situation like above, Singapore had created two drinks called ANYTHING and WHATEVER to solve the problem. ANYTHING comes in 6 effervescent carbonated soft drink flavours. WHATEVER comes in 6 refreshing non-carbonated flavours. All the flavours are mentioned above in the conversation. They have been out for at least a month or two already but I thought I blog about it for those who don't know. So basically you go buy this drink, you won't know the content. You have 1/6 chances of getting the correct carbonated drink and 1/6 chances of getting the correct non-carbonated drink of your choice.

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