Saturday, July 07, 2007


Move over James Bond and Mission Impossible. This is the God of all action movies. DieHard 4.0 did not disappoint me. I watched it last night and it was a blast! They sent everything possible to attack John McClane, to the most outrageous one on one fight scenes from helicopters to fighter jets! Incredible shit! If they are gonna make the 5th version, I think they need to send some ballastic missiles, nuclear bombs or UFOs chasing him.

The action is non-stop. Minus the censorship of Malaysian cinemas, the rest are just damn cool! I just missed him saying the phrase Yippee Kayee, Motherfuc*ker! as he stopped halfway! Damn! I won't reveal much here, no spoilers dude!

Highly recommend it dudes! Must watch especially for DieHard fans! Worth every single cent of your money to hit the cinemas!

You know what makes DieHard different from any other action movies? Other action movies come out with all kinds of high-tech gadgets and super cool devices to help the heroes. This John McClane dude only uses his brain and his strength with some simple weapons he has with him, going into the missions as a one man show. He doesn't have all those sophisticated and complicated intelligence and shit. Just go in and finish his job without much crap organization backing him! That's what I love about DieHard. It is so raw and straight to the point. It does not need all those great vehicles and incredible weapons to impress the audience. Just plain simple go in and finish business as a normal cop with lots of loans to pay and very close to normal citizens on the street problems!


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