Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I know this a little bit late but nobody expects a smooth demolition of Argentina in the final.

Who would have thought that the final will be in Brazil's favour and with a thrashing? Brazil came to play in the tournament without Kaka and Ronaldinho while losing to Mexico in the group stage and required a penalty shootout to overcome Uruguay in the semis. Argentina in contrast went smoothly into the final with 16 goals. A more efficient Brazil won the match with goals from Baptista, Ayala (own goal) and Alves. Now, Will Baptista be back playing with Real Madrid next season? Actually, the season before he was loaned to Arsenal, he was the most consistent player in the squad. Now, the Reyes and Baptista issue is still entangled there at the moment.

Meanwhile in the AFC Asian Cup, Malaysia were thrashed another time. This time it is by Uzbekistan with 5 goals demolition! MALAYSIA BOLEH!

Finally, I heard Thierry Henry has split with his wife of four years, Claire, or also known as Nicole Merry. I don't really recall much of how his wife looks like but many speculated it has to do with his transfer to Barcelona. Henry denied it though.


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