Friday, July 20, 2007


They are the sponsorship partner for F.C. Barcelona, A.C.Milan, Real Madrid C.F. and F.C.Slovan Liberec. They can be seen on A.C.Milan's jersey and the upcoming new season jersey of Real Madrid. I am happy finally that Real Madrid got rid of the sponsor brand I hate.

Benq is related to Acer which I had very bad past nightmare repairing their desktops and laptops. The computers were so unrepairable/irreparable that the local technical support office had to give up and wanted to send to the headquarter in Kuala Lumpur to repair or exchange! Incredible! I had brought it earlier over to a local computer store where my sifu was to repair. When I arrived in the store, I saw more than 5 Acer computers waiting to be fixed. He failed to fix the problem, which forced me to bring to Acer technical support office in Sibu.

The faults I faced were never seen before in all my computer repairing experience I have gained all these years. Therefore, I never have a good impression on them. Benq Mobile went bankrupt in September 2006. If not for that, it could still appear in the new season's jersey! Phew! Luckily for that!

Don't get me wrong, Acer and Benq could have improved drastically through the years. I just don't want to be involved with them for as long as I can. There are many more far reliable brands in the market or even building your own computer is much more reliable.

By the way, rumours have it that the engineers working for Acer in Penang don't even want to use or buy Acer products. How true is that rumour?


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