Wednesday, July 04, 2007


With the signing of Fernando Torres, Liverpool look more and more like a Spanish club in the English Premier League. This will definitely give them an added firepower upfront which they greatly needed. The previous Champions League final demonstrasted how toothless they were upfront. So much so that they required their midfielder, Gerrard to play as a forward.

Real Madrid are getting more and more clueless in the transfer market. They want Saviola (just to get Barcelona angry?), Toldo or Dudek (just to replace Diego Lopez), Robben (good player but so easily getting injured like Ronaldo - fragile), Fabregas (wild dream), Kaka (wilder dream - I am tired of the link already!!!!!), Adriano (getting another lazy bastard?), Chivu, Malouda, Milito and Cassano, Emerson, Diarra (stupid if they sell him), Soldado (always love to sell their youth team assets) and finally probably getting an unknown over-rated coach named Schuster to replace the superb Capello. I don't know anymore logic. Sometimes it is hard to support a club when the decisions are totally unrelated to football tactics or needs. Many players and even the coach are signed based on the preferences of the board and the president and for the sake of fulfilling his stupid promises. Politics.....all politics. Please bring back the sporting logics and decisions made based on team tactics, not politics!

What ever happens to Woodgate? What about other loaned players? There is only complete silence so far. I hope the Reyes and Baptista issue will be solved real soon too. There are just too many entangled webs in Real Madrid!


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