Thursday, July 12, 2007


As the new season is coming soon, clubs are purchasing a lot. The biggest buyers are probably Barcelona, with Liverpool and Manchester United to be the next big buyers. Real Madrid buy more defenders which is started to look like a joke. They got a striker, Saviola, probably just to make Barcelona angry. They are always famous in reinforcing in areas that are not required. This is the difference between Madrid and Barcelona. While Barcelona are making all the best signings in weak positions which they need to strengthen. Pure logic and absolutely smart football tactical decisions.

The Madrid decisions are always without sense. The fans are left clueless. When you need a goalie, they go sign lotsa defenders. When you need defenders, they go sign lotsa midfielders. When you need a midfielder, they go and sign lotsa strikers. They always love to sign the opposite and in excess overload in one position, making many good players become bench warmers, then they are unhappy and want to leave. It is a trend that is popular in Madrid. Clueless indeed.

The big surprise is the quietness of Chelsea at the moment. They are so quiet you are guessing what they are hiding or waiting for a giant surprise to shock the football world? It is still too early to write off any incredible transfers up to this point. We can just sit back and enjoy the dramas while we look at the pathetic Malaysia football team being blasted by China and maybe all the other teams as well as the Copa America coming to the final! I can't wait for all the transfers to finalize and the new season to come!


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