Friday, July 06, 2007


I would say I did buy some stuffs during the current THE GREAT SINGAPORE SALES 2007.

I am one of the those who are so kiasu to go out shopping before the July deadline for the increase in GST from 5% to 7%. I bought two groups of things.

The first group is audio CD. I went to HMV and bought 2 singles and 3 albums for the price of 1 album. I bought two singles of Kumi Koda and BoA for the price of S$0.95 each. Cheap shit and very new singles. I bought 1 compilation of 2 discs of classical music, 1 compilation of 3 discs of funk divas (singers in the genre of Whitney Houston) and 1 compilation of 1 disc of Broadway music. All for S$17++.

The second group is Dockers. I was lucky to spot some great bargains with 2 K1 pants, 1 D5 pants and a formal long sleeves shirt for the price of one K1 pants. I bought one of the K1 pants which is the original K1 khakis which is the buttonfly version (S$110++), the next version K1 which is having zip instead of buttons (S$130++), the D5 pants (I forgot how much it costs) and the long sleeves formal shirt (S$70++) and I paid just S$110++ for everything.

I also managed to get Shevy his SOUL'dOUT album, To All Tha Dreamers. These dudes are great Japanese rappers indeed. I love their cool music much! Sorry dude for not looking hard enough as the crowd was just crazy. I need to play rugby to grab this album from the crowded scene! I will grab more albums when I have the energy to charge in more! The original imported ones from Japan priced at S$66++ is too ridiculous and I am sure you won't be ready to pay so much for an album!

Great bargains do come by if you look hard enough and lucky to spot them! That's the shopping I did for the sales.


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