Saturday, July 14, 2007


The Transformers should be given more air time than the humans. Optimus Prime and Megatron should be given the leads! The way the robots look in the movies with so many body parts makes fight scenes extremely confusing. With the fast movements, you don't even know whether it is the arms or the legs or the body that is hitting on which parts. It is very confusing and misleading especially when the shots are done close-up. I just cannot even figure out what is hitting what! This is the result of re-designing the robots into so many small pieces of kit of parts. The difference and the identification of evil or good robots was confusing also because of the metal colouring. Sometimes I cannot even tell whether a robot is good or evil.

I do love the designs eventhough they are so far different from the cartoon designs. I do love the transformation process very much. It was very well done. The humans given bigger major roles to play is so different of how it is in the cartoon versions. Well, I guess it is extremely too expensive to make a movie on fully the robots alone. I am looking forward to the next sequal! There are many robots which are not featured in this film. BumbleBee who is one of the most lousiest Autobots is given a lead role instead in the movie! I cannot stand it! They also make it into such a cool sportscar!

The explosions, the destructions, the battle scenes (eventhough too short) and the humour did make the movie a worthy one to watch at the cinemas. What are you guys waiting for? Hit it! Oh, with the hot Megan Fox in the movie too, it is another must watch for you guys! You won't disappoint!


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