Friday, September 14, 2007


I got a SMS from Perodua the other day.

From Perodua: Congratulations! You are one of the winner for Fill & Win Contest. Kindly collect your petrol voucher at JB2 branch. Thank you!

First of all, winner should be in plural.

Secondly, they left me a phone to contact. Basically this is the contest to join when I first bought the car. They were having the contest at the same time. So I decided to call them since I don't know where this branch is located. The person answered the phone and told me the location, which is quite far away from the city centre.

Finally comes the important question. How much does this petrol voucher worth anyway? It is only RM10! Worst of all, it is not even for Shell but Petronas (local petroleum company). I was wondering with the amount of time and distance for me to cover just to get the voucher, I might as well don't go to get it. Since it will be worth RM10 of petrol to reach there and return home!

Until today, I have not really decided to go at all. I don't even know where is the location. Probably some remote area near the palm oil plantation. Hehe!


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