Friday, September 14, 2007


Michael Owen suddenly becomes the hero of England. From the injury proned player to a saviour of England and McClaren. Many people said it is because of Barry, Shaun Wright-Philips, Joe Cole and even Heskey that England is getting the good results now. What will happen when Rooney, Owen Hargreaves, Beckham and Lampard is back? One wonders. Will McClaren maintain the same players and will only put performing players in the starting eleven and not fame? Can Michael Owen maintain his performance? Portugal and France seem to be struggling. Spain, Italy and Holland seem to be doing fine and should be capable of qualifying.

Now, let's talk about the other McLaren. They were stripped of all the constructors' points for this season and were fined US$100 mil for using secret technical documents of Ferrari - a 780-page dossier. Drivers Hamilton and Alonso will still be able to keep their points which is logical to me. If not, there will be no more exciting races to look forward from now till the end of the season. Ron Dennis still denies that they ever use the information to their advantage.

There were many speculations that Jean Todt could be pushing the matter to the end since new evidence emerged last week which include emails, phone conversations and text messages after no action was done after the scandal first broke out. There could be more sanction in place for the 2008 season when a full technical report on the 2008 McLaren caris received. The decision will be carried out on December 2007 meeting.


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