Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Since The Bourne Supremacy, we waited 3 years for the final sequel. I always like the first one which is The Bourne Identity. This final part is not bad by itself. Finally, we can see a conclusion to all the runnings all over the planet! Like I said in the DieHard movies, Bourne has the same kind of situation. However, his is even worse since he is wanted by everybody. Both work alone in their missions mostly. I won't release any spoilers here but if you are a fan of the earlier two parts of the movie, you will not be disappointed by this final ending.

Many movies have bad endings and you always get a really sour finishing that you wished will be better. Most of the time, they try to hurry everything to rush the ending. For me, this one ended on a high and with the right pace! I will just give a bit more info here. Operation BlackBriar, which is an upgrade to Project Treadstone will be revealed completely and Bourne will remember and regain his full memory in the end. He is still unstoppable.

Must watch from me!


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