Thursday, November 01, 2007


I just attended a funeral service yesterday. It is probably the second time I see a real dead body after my grandpa's when I was 15. It is definitely sad and shocking to see someone close to us dying unexpectedly. I received the news through SMS and I was shocked, speechless for a long time when I opened the message. I keep asking myself whether I am dreaming. Things just happened so fast you don't have enough time to digest.

It is in this kind of experience that we are reminded that life is short and we should never take for granted the people we are close to around us, especially our beloved ones. This is because you never know when it will be the last time you will ever see them. Therefore, no matter how difficult they are to us, the most important thing is we treat them well.

During the service, many questions go through my mind. Am I good enough to everyone around me? Do I have to have a grudge against anybody around me and unwilling to forgive anyone? Is it worth it? Has anger always get the better of me?

The sermon is about the burden we carry once we are born to this world. The burden of parents worrying the child during pregnancy when the child is born. The worry about accidents as they start to move around. The worry about which brand of milk powder to use. As they enter school, they worry about which school to apply to. They worry about the homework and examinations. As they enter their teens, they worry about the children choosing the wrong life partners. As they graduated, the parents worry about them finding jobs. Then, the worry about their economical support in this ever-rising living standard of the world. As they get married, they worried about their grandchildren. The cycle will continue until death.

Basically the sermon is about the burden of being a human being. How much life on earth is a struggle from the day we are born until death. That we find no peace and happiness in this ever-increasing stressful and pressured world. That you will find peace in Christianity for your current life now on earth as well as the life after that.

My whole brain is replaying back my memory of all the time we spent together in the past. It is like my brain is showing a quick recap, a movie playbacked of things happening live at the scene. You look at the place and you can see yourself and the person spending time going through the place in the past.

After attending the service, I still keep alerting myself whether I am dreaming. Even as a friend, it is so hard to accept the reality. How much more for family members and relatives of the deceased? It is definitely even harder for them. Sometimes, I stood there speechless when offering condolence greetings. I really don't know how best to comfort them. The only words I managed to utter out of my mouth is "Be strong".

Life is short my friends. Live life the fullest and fruitfully. Appreciate the people around you more and always thank God for everything you have. Nothing is permanent and eternal in this world.


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