Thursday, July 24, 2008


The current rumours dominating the football world headlines are focused on three players.

Eto'o to Real Madrid.

Drogba to Barcelona.

Robinho to Chelsea.

C.Ronaldo to Real Madrid.

Well, it is interesting but I really have mixed feelings about Eto'o coming back to Real Madrid. He is surely a fine striker but his temper is a risk to take on for the club. I don't know how realistic the chances are for him to return but I have always been a fan of his even when he was in Real Madrid intially. It was the past president who don't see any value in him that they let him go. He went to Barcelona and punished Real Madrid severly while winning league titles and Champions League title too. The only way to tap his full potential is to have him well disciplined when he is in any team. Schuster should be more strict in order to keep things in place.

As for Drogba, well, as fiery a character as Eto'o, this guy will also provide the same risk of destabilizing the team wherever he goes. Barcelona have to bet on him because they lost two massive players (Deco and Ronaldinho) already and if Eto'o goes, they really need someone to take over his shoes. The question will also be whether Chelsea will be looking for another striker too although they are fully loaded anyway.

Robinho to me is sufficient and we don't need Cristino Ronaldo. We don't need to pay so much for him. I am happy with what we have and I believe Robinho is a valuable player of the team and can develop some more to further improve himself. Just get a decent central defender and not chase after this overpriced player! Get over it already will you Calderon? Part of me is not willing to see someone like C.Ronaldo to break the most expensive world transfer price tag held by Zinedine Zidane. For me, it is a shame that the transfer fee of such a legend has the potential to be broken by someone like C.Ronaldo. I don't mind if it is Messi but not C.Ronaldo.


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