Thursday, July 10, 2008


FC Barcelona
Well, we know Laporta is hanging desperately to his position in FC Barcelona. We don't hear much good news from Barcelona recently. Many are still doubting Guardiola as much as I do. He could probably pull off something Klinsmann and Rijkaard could for their young manager careers. You never know. Still, a massive club like FC Barcelona may worship their previous captain but I think the pressure is too much for Guardiola to handle. He does not inherit a strong bonded team. He inherited a team loaded with issues of superstars being given special treatment and players blasting each other. The sense of unity is not there in Barcelona, at least that is what we are made to believe by the press. They are rather quiet in the transfer market for such a team of their status. I am expecting more from them.

AC Milan
They are repeating what Juventus was suffering, not playing in the Champions League. This time however, it is because of their own bad previous season performance. We heard of more scandals in Italy from the media just after the EURO2008. Oh well, here we go again! I thought if there is one club from last season who suffered the worst results, it has to be AC Milan. For not qualifying in the Champions League, it is consider a total humiliation for a club of their stature. The second club could be Valencia. It is incredible not many changes are made, including their coach. He has all the luck in the world like Arsene Wenger. The untouchables. They can survive trophiless seasons and not being sacked. If they still stay as quiet as they are now until the new season starts, we don't expect them to climb back to play in the Champions League next season. Milan have overtaken Real Madrid as the Football Old Folks' Home. They need to retire many old players and get fresh blood, especially in defence!

Will he or will he not leave Chelsea to join up with "The Special One" or should I say "The Great One" in Inter Milan? Deco has come and the midfield in Chelsea is already overloaded with choices. Yet, they are still keen to land Ronaldinho. I think they will be playing a 6 midfield system for the first time in football history to allow all of them to play. 3-6-1 system which they can divide the midfield into 2 (defence) - 4 (offence). It will be 3-2-4-1.

David Silva and David Villa. Will they still stay in this sinking ship? Can someone come and save this Titanic from sinking further? Or this club is doomed for far worse next season? Relegation? It is painful to see such a great club in such a bad shape now.

Well, we have heard enough about him following the footsteps of Ronaldo (Brazil) to be the next BIG FAT one. Well, there was a joke that they will be two fat players in Milan if he goes there.

I already said Barcelona will struggle if two of their original Holy Trinity of Ronaldinho-Eto'o-Deco leave. Deco already left. If any of the other two leaves, Barcelona really need good replacements. Actually, I think they need to spend more in defence like Real Madrid instead. He can play with Henry together at the front. Of course there is still the impressive Krkic. Let's keep watch.

Ronaldo (Brazil)
What will happen to him after the whole world finds out that he could not make a difference between a guy, a gal and the in-betweens? The same way he was accusing Real Madrid, he is now accusing AC Milan of not giving him enough respect and support. Who else is willing to get him and experience what Real Madrid and AC Milan had gone through? Perhaps Inter Milan can share something about him too.

C. Ronaldo (Portugal)
I have enough of him. Yes, his performance last season in Manchester United is PERFECT. I have to admit his records is out of this world. Still, he does not prove himself when it matters, like in the Champions League and the EURO2008. That's why in my football dictionary, C.Ronaldo is just any ordinary player. I also heard in his records, many were contributed from penalty goals. I still feel Real Madrid will be better off without him. Please save some money and buy more crucial players in positions you needed most. One of it is a good central defender. I know Casillas had got used to playing against many attackers during their counter-attack through the years against a defenceless Real Madrid but you really have to give him some cover. This is especially for the Champions League system where away goals had been punishing Madrid for many seasons now. People who are always saying Buffon is better than Casillas are not watching how Casillas have sometimes zero defence in front of him and requires acrobatic saves day in and day out to minimize the goals conceded. Buffon always have the strong 4 men defence in front of him and during the EURO2008, he had 10 defenders!

I really want to see more of him in action. Saviola is probably the most talented striker who had graced the bench more than any striker in the football history. They should consider how to include him into the Guinness World of Records. Please play him more or sell him off somewhere where he can play every week!!!

I really don't know what is the fuss about him wanting the same salary as Henry when he was in Arsenal. I will advise him to just shut up and prove yourself again this season before you claim something like that. One season of good performance and he thinks he is a veteran goal scoring machine. If you can't wait any longer, than just shut up and move elsewhere. I know Milan and Barcelona are potential clubs to snap you up. Just go already! I can understand Hleb may not have the luxury of a younger age to wait but Adebayor is only 24. Why the impatience?

Yes, same like above, he should just leave if he has no desire to play for Arsenal anymore. There is no point staying and keep nagging like an old grandmother. He is already 27 years old and if you are in his shoes, you will also want success as soon as possible because your age is not on your side. You cannot wait for more Wenger rebuilding processes.

Well, you have to believe that they will need more time for 'rebuilding' again. At the rate of how the things are going, I will be very frank that we are expecting at least one or two exits per season and you need to rebuild again. The cycle will continue forever. How much longer will Arsenal fans need to wait for a trophy? Well, there is no guarantee that the players Wenger brought up will have the loyalty to stay long enough until they reach at least 28 (the most famous age currently to be sold for great players). Well, I just don't know what to say about it but I think I am tired of the 'rebuilding' excuse. I am not surprised by the current players opting to leave them. Nobody has the same patience and time in the world to wait for the rebuilding to finish like 18 years old players.

Big Phil
Well, with Big Phil taking over, it is interesting to see how the Premiership competition will be next season. Benitez, Wenger, Ferguson and Ramos will be his most difficult opponents. Who will end victorious? We shall see.

"The Great One"
He will brighten up the scandalous Italian league next season with sarcastic remarks. I am glad he is back because I can't get enough of his unexpected comments. Sometimes silly, sometimes shocking, sometimes pathetic and sometimes really having a very 'thick' face. Well, we shall see how Inter will be transformed with his arrival.

Many fans of Shevchenko will be heart-broken if he stays on in Chelsea and maintain his status of being a Saviola wannabe again. The same advice I give to Saviola above. Sell him off please!!!

Like Shevchenko, he is the second in line to follow the Saviola trend. I wonder why players love the bench so much. Please come back as a regular and prove The Emperor tag!

Will he go or will he stay? I don't know but please don't come to Real Madrid. I don't fancy him much. He is as outspoken as Eto'o and I believe players like them always create disunity in the club.

Tottenham Hotspurs
Juande Ramos is the superstar here and we are expecting more from them because of him. He is the second most successful manager in the English Premier League last season after Alex Ferguson. We hope to hear more great things from them this coming season and may Woodgate see the last of his long injury days. They also captured Giovani dos Santos from Barcelona to my surprise. I see potential in him and am surprised Barcelona let him go so easily. I hope to see great things from him!

Manchester City
Mark Hughes took over after Sven Garan Eriksson's exit. What will we be expecting from them next season? Can he perform better than what Eriksson did last season? I hope they do and not always become the second fiddle to Manchester United (LA Lakers - LA Clippers, Real Madrid - Atletico Madrid equivalents).

Crouch has finally left and there are links with Villa and Silva. If I remember correctly, I did claim that Liverpool will be better off without Crouch. To me, they will need 2-3 strong signings this season to strengthen their squad or they will forever be chasing other teams in the English Premier League table. They probably could do much more in the Champions League again as Rafa always seem to put more emphasis on that.

After years of disappointing results, nothing much is expected from them anymore. Even Kevin Keegan cannot resurrect this club. How much he can do in the new season? Or I should ask whether he has time to prove himself before being sacked?

Bayern Munich
It is great to see them back to the Champions League again. I am looking forward to their performance once again in Europe. With Klinsmann at the helm, we are expecting the unexpected from them!

The Rejects
What happens to Rijkaard and Grant? Will they be on vacation as long as Mourinho and Lippi? Valencia, AC Milan and Newcastle are potential clubs to go if they continue their bad run next season.

With him back, Italy will be expected to be transformed yet again to a force to be reckoned with in the football world. He will be given the chance yet again to assault the World Cup. Italy have the same problem of AC Milan. A very old squad. They need fresh blood!

Who will be their new coach? Vicente Del Bosque? Will Raul return?


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