Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today coincidently my Austrian colleague complained to me that she has sleeping difficulties in Singapore when a China friend complained about the same thing during lunch. She just came for about a month but just could not sleep well eventhough she does not have insomnia problems. She went to visit the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctor and hopefully it will help her. It must be interesting for the Westerners to try Chinese herbs. For my China friend, he must be stressed with writing a paper for a book chapter.

Well, those people having insomnia or sleeping difficulties are always cursing me because I am a self-declared Sleeping Legend. While people are trying very hard to find all kinds of methods to make them sleep, I go around finding methods to help me avoid sleep. This is especially when I have deadlines to rush. I can sleep eventhough tomorrow's a huge examination and I have yet to finish revising. I can sleep eventhough tomorrow I'm going for a massive function (meeting, presentation, demo, interview and etc.). This is even when I have not fully prepare myself. I can still sleep soundly as if tomorrow is a public holiday. Therefore, they always tell me I should always count my blessings and not simply wish I can find a way not to fall asleep. I don't appreciate it because I never experience the difficulty of feeling sleepy.

Did I tell you guys I am a Sleeping Legend? I think I can win a Sleeping Contest if they ever hold one. I am as good as Nobita from Doraemon. I had slept in all kinds of conditions everywhere in my home but the toilet, balcony, car porch, garden and bathroom. Yes, I had slept at staircases, front entrance, living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and any where you can imagine. I had slept with nothing on the floor, on chairs and on tables with ease.

There are some qualities which I declare myself a sleeping legend.

Well, I tried anything with caffeine and it won't work. I tried coffee, tea, chocolate, Chinese herbs and anything possible. My grandma even made me to drink my first ever Brand's Chicken Essense and I still fall asleep right after having a bottle! I have an even better sleep!

There was once when I was so soundly asleep at home that the rain poured into my bedroom and got my whole mattress wet and I still could not wake up. The next day when I woke up, I thought I urinate on my bed! I only realized later that there is a heavy rain the night before. I always got scolding for getting my mattress wet for not waking up to close the windows when it rains.

I was in the hostel with my brother when he called me. We sit facing opposite direction so when he looks at me, he can only see my back. He called me but there was no response. He went over and realized I was sleeping while sitting there in front of my laptop. My finger is still on the left click button of the mouse! Incredible! I woke up and continue clicking as if I just went to HIBERNATE mode 'literally'! Haha!

I slept in any conditions, whether you have loud music playing or direct light on. I can sleep even in broad daylight with direct afternoon sun. I can sleep sweating myself fully and wake up in intense heat. I had slept with techno, heavymetal, alternative and rock music before. No problem.

Whether it is a new place or a place with no airconditioning or fan or bad ventilation, I have no problem sleeping. Whether it is dirty or clean or uneven or having bad smell, no problems whatsoever. I still can sleep fast!

The only thing I have not tried is sleep standing. I read a news article before of a monk who sleep standing for years. He must have broken the world record. I think he is probably a Sleeping Legend, not me. Alright, I know of people who are Sound Sleepers. I got a friend who warned me to wake him up with whatever ways possible because he just sleeps too soundly. There are people like that. You need to move him around and shout at him a few times after the alarm clock rang like nuts and they still look sleepy!

While I am not that incredible, I just sleep fast and easy. I don't need a lot of sleep and I don't need extremely loud noise to wake me up. 8 hours is more than enough for me a day and I don't have to sleep to pay back the debt of the sleep I missed. I also know of a friend who can sleep back all the hours she missed. I call her the Debt Sleeper. For example if she had rushed a project submission for 3 days and missed (8 hours X 3 days =) 24 hours of sleep, she must later sleep to get back that 24 hours missed. That includes sleeping for the entire day! She just need to wake up to go toilet and return sleeping to get back that 24 hours before she goes back to normal sleeping hours per day. Incredible? I met such weird individuals.

Finally, the last title is Sleeping Machine. These are marathon sleepers who can sleep for hours if not disturbed. My old pal, Johnny Shevchenko since young can sleep till 1-2pm with ease. I know during weekends I don't have to look for him in the mornings. He will not wake up early unless you book with him the day before. I don't know how long he can sleep if left untouched. That he probably knows best! Haha!

If you are having sleeping difficulties, try aromatherapy as I heard it may help. Ylang-ylang is a good choice to try. Don't buy the cheap lousy fragrance you find in the market. Buy real 100% essential oil from countries which products manufactured you can trust. Be careful with aroma therapy, too much of anything is not good for you.

So now I still have not found the answers I need for this ultimate question which I had seek for years:

Somebody out there have an answer or answers?


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