Monday, December 08, 2008


Now, who has the last laugh? Fabio Capello and me! When they sacked Capello after just one season in charge, bringing back all the confidence, stability and teamwork back to a club stuck in the wilderness for many seasons, they thought it is pure luck! I guess only the dumbest humans on earth cannot logically think that so many had come and failed but Capello succeeds. What Schuster inherited was a solid team and only time will tell whether it is really Capello or it was all pure luck!

I put full credit to Capello but Calderon and Mijatovic thought otherwise and think they are smarter than Capello in football management. So be it! What we see today is the result I have been waiting for. Of course, let's be more fair to say that the injury crisis hit at the same time. All these pursuits for useless players and forcing good talents out is a clear indication of how things can get very wrong when the management screws it up. As for Schuster, he may be a good coach but he is nothing and totally green compare to Capello. You are comparing a veteran with a kid. Poll: Who's Responsible For Real Madrid's Collapse?


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