Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Well, Schuster is the scapegoat and is replaced by Juande Ramos. Will things improve? I really don't know. The last days of Ramos in Tottenham had been a giant disaster. I don't know whether it will be better with him around. Let's just watch and see how they will play the mighty FC Barcelona. To get a small defeat is consider extremely good. To be able to get a draw will be very lucky. To win? Hehe, let's not even think so far yet. It should be Calderon and Mijatovic who should have gone out!

"I would like to thank the club the faith that they have placed in me. I am very excited about the prospect of coaching Real Madrid," Ramos said to reporters.

"It is every coach's dream and I do not want to let anyone down in their choice and hope to bring success to the club.

"The speed of the agreement has surprised me. I was invited to have breakfast with the directors this morning and we talked about a deal then and it was all signed then.

"In most of my previous jobs I have had short contracts and I will be here until the end of the season. It was a quick agreement and if both sides are happy then we can sit down in the summer and maybe extend the agreement.

"They are one of the biggest clubs in the world and I have not doubt that they are playing very well at the moment, but Real Madrid has the capability and the prestige to take on any team at any stadium in the world," he continued.

"Real Madrid can only look to the next game and that for us is Zenit and when that game is played we will then think about Barcelona."

Ramos takes over a squad with several players absent through injury and stated that he could well be dipping in to the transfer market in the winter window.

"In January we may have to do something, but we have to be clear about who we need and who will be right for this club," he added.


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