Thursday, May 14, 2009


Congratulations to Liverpool captain, Stevie G. for being voted England's Footballer of the Year by the Football Writers' Association. He was ahead of Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney. He has scored the highest amount of goals so far in a single season comparing to all the previous seasons since his football career. He will have an extremely difficult task at hand to stop Manchester United from winning the EPL crown yet again. There are only two matches left for both of them and The Red Devils are leading with 6 points.

The remaining matches are:
(16 May 2009) Manchester United (1st) VS. Arsenal (4th)
(17 May 2009) West Bromwich Albion (20th) VS. Liverpool (2nd)
(24 May 2009) Manchester United (1st) VS. Hull City (18th)
(24 May 2009) Liverpool (2nd) VS. Tottenham Hotspur (8th)

As for Chelsea, they are 3 points behind Liverpool. The best they can do is to try finishing second. If not, they can still maintain their current position at 3rd even if they lose the two remaining matches.

The remaining matches are:
(17 May 2009) Chelsea (3rd) VS. Blackburn Rovers (14th)
(24 may 2009) Sunderland (16th) VS. Chelsea (3rd)

What about Arsenal? Nothing they do in the next two matches will make a difference so they will have to go for the Champions League qualifying rounds to quality for next season. They really need to consider spending a bit to give the talents in the team some assurance of staying. I believe all players dream of winning titles.

The remaining matches are:
(16 May 2009) Manchester United (1st) VS. Arsenal (4th)
(24 May 2009) Arsenal (4th) VS. Stoke City (12th)

At the bottom of the table, Newcastle United is fighting to survive the relegation battle. They are tied on points with Hull City with Middlesbrough and West Bromwich Albion just 3 points behind. Even with Shearer at the helm, they are still struggling to stay in the league for next season. They have two very tough matches ahead.

The remaining matches are:
(16 May 2009) Newcastle United (17th) VS. Fulham (7th)
(24 May 2009) Aston Villa (5th) VS. Newcastle United (17th)

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