Tuesday, May 12, 2009

(フルーツバスケット Furūtsu Basuketto)

I always have to answer questions regarding the purchase of fruits from Singapore. I have to explain so many times to people why I need to buy fruits from a country that does almost zero agriculture back to a country which does quite a bit in the agriculture sector. People think that there is no logic buying fruit from a non-agricultural country.

Well, I guess I should just do a blog post so I can ask them to check that out directly next time.

The reasons are simple:
1. Foreign fruits exported to Singapore are of high quality, those available in Johor Bahru are of shitty quality (looks old and with black marks all over the skin), sour and taste bad.

2. The price is cheaper even after you do the conversion rate.

3. Sometimes I even buy tropical fruits from Singapore. They may cost cheaper or sometimes on par with the prices in Johor Bahru. The reason is because the quality is better and sometimes the fruit looks fresher too.

Therefore, there you have it. A non-agricultural country enjoys better quality fruits in general than an agricultural country. All the best quality local fruits are exported to Singapore so we are left with lousy ones.

P/S: This post has nothing to do with the Fruits Basket anime.



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