Monday, May 11, 2009


Well, I just renewed my current research contract but I won't say I love my job to death. There are many issues that I don't like with my current job like I am not given much chance to learn things I like, the high turnover of staffs is slowing down work as new people need time for the learning curve and super conservative and slow system to purchase things for research. These are things which drained me out. Although during renewal I had 'demanded' that I will be given more opportunities to learn something I like and eventhough my boss allows it, I am still skeptical he will be fully supportive or giving me the chance straight away.

I also consider whether I should stay in research or go commercial. There is only one reason why I am avoiding to go commercial. That is the anticipated super long overtime I have to endure, in other words, sacrificing a lot of my personal time for work. I have seen my uncle who works in my field who can camp at his office for days and I believe I don't want that kind of working environment. If I plan to continue with research, I should seriously consider Permanent Head Damage studies. I believe I am at a crossroad in 2009 and events taking place in the next 6 months will more or else strengthen out for a clear path to take. Damn, I hate myself sometimes for my indecisiveness. That is my weakest attribute and it has always been a disadvantage to me. I should just have the JUMP & NO REGRETS mentality. If only life is simple. I can just grow crops or something.



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