Friday, June 26, 2009


Thank goodness they did not promote this movie like all those typical movies out there in order to generate income....from the producer of The Evil Dead, Grudge and Spider-Man, comes Drag Me to Hell!!!!!!! Woooh, very scary indeed!

A seriously horror + comedy movie, imagine the Scary Movie franchise being done with more horror and serious comedy. Yes this movie has the elements to shock you and catch you off-guard in some unexpected scenes. However, the over-exaggeration after the horror part is turning it into a funny aftertaste.

You can call it a too much slapstick and absurb movie, you can call it a major turnoff, you can call it deliberately overboard, you can call it an anti-climax, but that's how the horror element goes beyond realistic, which is the trademark of this movie. Things like nosebleed that can shoot blood out of the nostrils with incredible speed, almost half the arm going into the mouth, eyeballs flying out, the entire mouth that opens wide and cover almost your entire face and emitting green sticky fluid in big amounts, handkerchief almost going into the throat with just the fingers enough to keep it out and pulling it as long as the magician's handkerchief and being hit by the falling cross right on your head while digging the grave causing you to sink into the mud for 1 minute next to the corpse which you retrieved out before you become conscious again are some actions that kept us pointing our middle fingers at the big screen.

You would expect the lead actress to show the feeling of shock for the intense nosebleed but she seems so calm and serious about it that it looks common to her. No big deal. Then, we will expect it to be fake because some scenes are just her imagination but it is not. We just move on to the next scene as if nothing has ever happened. Just use the tissue to wipe it off and let's go to the next scene. I can feel the producer, Sam Raimi sitting there next to me watching me fool myself as he laughs to his heart's content of how silly we all are going through his plot.

It is a hyperbole to show the extremes but the exaggerated way to show horror is making it look like it is meant to be deliberately funny but instead it is meant to be serious! Oh my goodness, if I can find a Chinese phrase to describe the movie, it will be 太夸张. After the movie, we, the crowd, were looking at each other in the cineplex with funny laughters and curses. Well, that's not the outcome you are expecting from a horror movie.

I would say it is a very good horror movie with a simple storyline but it will be good if they avoid having those exaggeration parts which gives it a very strong humour contrast just after the horror parts. Some people may like this kind of mix but I find myself lost. Hahaha! Well, I don't know whether to recommend this movie or not but you get the picture what to expect. Maybe you will enjoy such a mix and may find yourself liking it.

Drag Me to Hell



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