Friday, July 31, 2009


I have to admit, it is quite common to have legendary figures in our history who are called Michael. Michael has an interesting trait, which is always to make a comeback, which in this case is in sports. Let's talk about the famous Michael who made a comeback with the number 45. Everyone remembers that period when people say his reputation will be at stake. He went on to win 3 more NBA crowns with the Chicago Bulls with Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman.

There are many other legendary Michaels like the king of motorbike racing, Michael Doohan. Of course, many claim that he only started conquering the sports after his generation of great racers retired or forced to leave because of injury. We are talking about Wayne Rainey, Kevin Schwantz and Wayne Gardner. Michael Owen is another promising Michael who when first feature in the England's national team, was hailed as a prodigy. Of course, to be fair to him, his career was very much interrupted by club politics, bench warming and injuries. He is also so called given another chance for a comeback with his new signing to Manchester United. One wonders how Liverpool will treat him when they face each other. In water, we have Michael Phelps, who is the king of swimming. However, at the current 2009 World Aquatics Championships, we see world records broken with ease and the controversy is centered on the use of polyurethane as a swimsuit material. The suit that is getting a lot of attention is Arena X-Glide.

Now, Michael Schumacher is going to make a comeback. His comeback announcement overshadowed the announcement of BMW's plan to quit Formula 1 after this season. He is no doubt a legendary Formula 1 figure and to return to the very difficult and confusing Formula 1 season is as good as suicide. There goes his reputation!!! Well, perhaps Michael wants to prove to the world that his previous titles are independent of Ross Brawn. Top Gear's interview and many articles published when Brawn GP suddenly emerge from nowhere to Formula 1 stardom this season seems to imply that Michael Schumacher owed Brawn for his Formula 1 success. Perhaps Michael has a point to prove to the world!

It will not be easy though. This season Ferrari struggles like mad in the competition. It is perhaps their most turbulent season in Formula 1 history. Massa's unfortunate injury fortunately didn't go so severe that his life will be threatened. I was quite worried when he was in the state of coma for the last few days. Thank goodness he survived. His crash really made 2009 a terrible year for Formula 1 thus far. I will say many people are lost like me to know where this season is heading actually. There are so many issues at hand with even the future of Formula 1 is at stake. Michael's comeback will definitely bring some cheers back to the gloomy season.

Not all comebacks are a success. Michael Jackson tried but did not make it. Michael Jordan tried when he was still fit and he went on for great success. However, his second comeback showed he was way off his mark. Although that second comeback did not destroy his reputation, one clear indication is you need to be extremely fit to return. I am sure Michael Schumacher is fit enough, just leaving the Formula 1 in 2006. However, he must learn from the other legendary Michaels and know his physical limit. I should say prove his worth and point, then leave the sports on a high! He may not have a mathematical chance or the fitness to win the title this season or he may not continue next season but we want to see the old Michael back! His return will let me reconsider seriously attending the Singaporean Grand Prix!

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