Friday, November 20, 2009


We were going to the best Italian restaurant in JB. We parked our car outside, which is about 10 metres away from the front entrance. Once we walked towards it, I saw two men standing outside scanning us. I know something was not right. I scanned my surroundings and I saw a vintage Cadillac parking in front of it with the three most famous initials in JB on the car plate. Now, I understand the situation. Is the restaurant still opened for us?

My previous encounter with a VVVIP was in HMV Singapore. His bodyguards in suits and sunglasses with earpieces were surrounding him in the NSEW axis. Basically, four of them moving together once he was browsing through the CDs. I was standing there, too focused on the contents of the CD I am browsing when I saw one of the bodyguards standing emotionlessly in front of me. I know something was not right since he just stand there idle like a solid stone. Once I turned and looked behind him, I realized there is this VVVIP with the other 3 stones surrounding him.

Wah, I thought, who is this VVVIP that requires so many bodyguards gluing around him? My second encounter with a VVVIP representative is in the Chinese library of the campus. Apparently this VVVIP is the most powerful man in Singapore. His representative just cut my queue when I was there to borrow the Chinese almanac to choose the most auspicious day for my Chinese wedding ceremony. Yeah, now you know why I was in the Chinese library for goodness sake. My first time borrowing a book and I met this guy. What are the chances.

This guy in suit just cut my queue. I was about to yell at him before I saw the slip of paper he handed to the librarian with the title of the book. It is from the most powerful office in Singapore. I decided to keep myself silent. I didn't want to create a problem. Then, it comes to the borrowing process and this VVVIP also has a library card. The coolest thing is the book is dued on an infinity date. His office still needs to renew the loan but it will be his as long as he wants to read it until he returns it fully.

Now, back to the Italian restaurant. This is the most powerful VVVIP in Johor. We entered the restaurant since the two men outside did not tell me this place was booked fully. There was another table with at least 6 men who scanned us very thoroughly and carefully with their stares. The owner of the restaurant told us that there is a specific zone of the restaurant which is closed for this VVVIP so we had to sit at the smoking zone. Shortly the VVVIP arrived with many people around him. The VVVIP in Singapore is nothing, he had 4 bodyguards. This had at least 10. However, all in plainclothes.

I looked out the restaurant and there were more people standing outside. I told Lee Ling that this was it, we needed to wait forever for our food. You know who will get priority in the food order sequence. Still, by all means, the restaurant owner did not disappoint. Despite having us normal citizens at the restaurant, they still managed to serve us at least a plate each to savour the flavour when the VVVIP's dishes were cooked and served. Yes, we waited much longer than usual but we knew we couldn't just stand up and complain. You don't want to mess with the Zohan, I mean the elephant when you are an ant. I guess the owner must be smiling because the tip they are gonna get must be enough for them to operate for the entire half year.

At the wrong place at the wrong time? Definitely!



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