Tuesday, May 04, 2010


That's what I sum up Malaysian politics. There is no accountability and transparency. The cycle repeats itself forever and ever.

The cycle to oblivion:
1. A case is reported or being leaked out
2. Hoo haa all over the place for the shock the case is bringing to the country
3. An investigation is demanded, some people are expected to take responsibility and resign, a lot of suspects here and there or unknown suspects here and there. This guy suing that guy. That guy suing this guy.
4. Nobody resigns, nobody is responsible, everyone is expected to keep quiet until investigation is over
5. Investigation carried by unknown people for centuries and centuries and centuries...witnesses can disappear or retract statements
6. After centuries, suddenly the case disappears
7. Until a new case arises and is reported and repeat the cycle yet again...

*Some cases do close in Malaysia, but always in an abrupt way too like how it was first known, so shocking that nobody in their logical mind can accept it

This is Malaysia, the land of no accountability and transparency. I have yet to see a single case being closed in a satisfactory manner. Nothing has a conclusion, everything just disappear in thin air slowly and quietly because there are just too many cases that shock everyone. Well, it is so common that it is no longer shocking anymore. It is in fact more shocking not to have anything shocking revealed every month. I am sure the country has the highest amount of unclosed court cases in the world.



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