Friday, October 29, 2004


i alwiz have tis curiosity about seahorses. if u arrive at sabah's kk international airport, u will alwiz c them on display. they sell them like birdnest or sharkfin, well packed in acrylic boxes 2 showcase them. looks like some exotic food. seems like an expensive delicacy e way they display them. some people actually used it 4 other purposes other than food. dried seahorses r used 2 make souvenirs, like jewelry & paperweights but i nvr seen them around b4.

but how 2 eat them if u wan 2? have u eaten any seahorses b4? how 2 cook them? i can imagine them looking scary no matter how u serve them in any food! haha! even if u r gonna fry them with soya sauce or ketchup 2 cover it up black or red! when i asked my grandma, she too has no ideas watsover. so i finally asked some frens from kk, sabah. yeah, e local cantonese should know better. n u know wat she told me? 2 boost male sexual capabilities! haha! they cook it with chicken soup but if i am not wrong, they dun eat them. just drink e soup & eat e chicken.

chinese & other asian cultures have been using seahorses in medicine 4 400 2 500 years i heard. now tis reinforces my lecturer's comment dat e chinese eats anything dat has 4 legs but tables & everything dat has wings but aeroplanes. haha! it is believed 2 cure impotency & asthma, lower cholesterol, & prevent arteriosclerosis. a delicacy in cooking, e seahorse is also thought 2 enhance virility. so i guess e kk fren is kinda correct too. hehe!

here is a letter sent 2 e straits times s'pore on seahorses n how they can treat acne. hmmm....

Oct 29, 2004

I REFER to Dr Andy Ho's commentary, 'Can sea horses really cure your acne?' (ST, Oct 16), which mentioned the seahorse concoction for acne that I had suggested. I take issue with his implication that the cure was 'coincidental' and based on 'superstitions'. I did not take any 'scientific' medicine at the same time as the seahorse concoction, nor anytime near the duration of the herbal remedy. It is not difficult to understand why Western-trained doctors like Andy Ho are resistant to the idea that something else had worked where their 'scientifically researched' medicine had failed. To put it plainly, this concerns their livelihood.

In case he does not already know, traditional Chinese medicine is also a science. It just happens to be a rival.

I was never on antibiotics often or for long periods of time. I had taken mainstream medicine for the condition, both in Taiwan and Singapore. The Taiwanese medicine worked much better and faster but both had a setback: the relief was temporary.
I had given up on Western medicine long before I got to the seahorse concoction. I did not have to try all the drugs available. The experiences of the people around me with the same condition told me what I needed to know.

Seahorse was so unorthodox that it took me a year after hearing about it to give it a try. I had suffered from the acne scourge for years and finally found a cure, so it is not fair of Dr Ho to say that it was due to 'coincidence', 'selective affirmation', or that the effect was psychological.

Is Western medicine so biased against alternative cures that it is so blinded? Wake up, docs.

Wee Siew Cheng (Ms)


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