Tuesday, January 03, 2006


This match is the best way to start the year off in football! Let's predict the score. I decided this new year to include my predictions on every match. Not sorely as the best indicator to bet but rather for the accuracy of my football predictions. At the end of the day, you could find out that I am really bad at it. Hehe! Who knows?

With 2 of my blog readers to be big Arsenal fans, I will be kicked real hard if I predict Arsenal to lose this one.

My prediction is Arsenal 1-2 Manchester United.

Well, Pires' latest comments of possible transfer is one reason I predict against Arsenal. With Vieira to be linked back again, it is really pretty disturbing for Arsenal. I declare myself a 100% hater of Manchester United so this prediction is solely based on the current form and condition of both clubs. I try to be as honest as possible to logic than feelings.

Arsenal have been scoring very little of late while Manchester United still have goals coming from Rooney and van Nistelrooy although I pretty hate both of them. The last time they met is probably the FA Cup final. I watched both of them play last season in the match that ended the unbeaten run of Arsenal's and the FA Cup final. Without Vieira and Keane, both clubs may approach this game alot calmer like what Ljungberg had stated.

Still, it is Arsenal's home so in all respect, Arsenal have a slight advantage. I will go for a 2-2 draw the most. It is very unlikely for me to see an Arsenal victory unless Manchester United really have a bad day. Whatever it is, I will definitely try to catch this match live!

The condition now is also different although Manchester United need to win badly if they don't want Liverpool to overtake them in the second place. Mathematically, Liverpool can still overtake them. Arsenal, on the other hand, have to keep in contact to get the European places for now. Challenging for the EPL crown is totally out of the picture as of now but it is not totally over.

The January transfer is open now and it seems pretty quiet. Many reported that there is no point spending in the EPL with Chelsea clearly unable to lose any matches. Well, the EPL may turn into a Ferrari affair of the last few seasons and the English FA may need to introduce new guidelines to make the league competitive again just like how the FIA did. Still, any drastic measures may destroy the competition altogether. It took FIA many years before finally finding the solution to stop Ferrari's winning streak and resulted in the youngest driver to win the title in Formula 1 history.


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