Saturday, July 28, 2007


Well, I finally bought my handphone. It is not Nokia N73 as I wanted it to be. I was also considering MOTOROKR Z6 and Sony Ericsson K800i. I bought the Nokia 6300 instead. The salesman told me Samsung is focusing on slimness, Nokia is focusing on functions and Sony Ericsson is focusing on music. He told me Nokia N73 software sucks and is hanging all the time. It reminds me of my Sony Ericsson K700i. What the heck you use your handphone if it can hang or take ages sometimes to start-up or from one application to the other? He also highly not recommend Motorola for the complexity of usage. I understand him because it took me 1 hour perhaps to help my auntie send in MP3s into her Motorola handphone. However, I love the design of the MOTOROKR Z6 but I keep telling myself to think of what is really important to myself.

I bought the Nokia 6300 because I wanted a light and slim phone. I don't need all the other rubbish add-ons if they are slow. My dream was to get the N73 but after hearing another customer also coincidently wanted to find a new phone because he had a nightmare with N73, I gave up. My experience of the previous phone reminded me not to suffer one more time. Sony Ericsson K800i is just too damn bulky. It is so thick and the cover of the lens of the camera just pissed me off! I hope I will be loving the Nokia 6300, so far having no problems with it!

This post supposes to be a battery post. Guys, I heard handphones are created with more and more functions and getting more slim. Therefore, if you charge your phone directly, the high voltage will easily spoil your handphone if over-charged. I also heard you must wait for your battery to fully drain off all the power before you charge it because the leftover power will go wild if you charge in the new power. I don't know it is the excuse for them to sell you one more battery or it is truly a fact. They said if you do it constantly, your battery life will shorten more and more as time goes by. They also ask you to purchase a separate battery charger because you won't charge directly through your phone, which is safer and also those chargers will cut off automatically once your battery is fully charged.

Same with laptops, I still am searching for the real answer today. Some technicians told me that the battery will automatically stop charging if it is fully charged. Some told me it will keep on charging regardless and hence will shorten its life if you continue to charge it. Therefore, you are recommended to run your laptop without battery if you have the direct power connection. Fact or fiction? Any smart ass can clarify with me?


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