Sunday, May 18, 2008


Inter Milan clinched their Serie A title while derby rivals AC Milan will not even play in the Champions League next season. Ibrahimovic came up when Inter needed goals the most and scored twice for them. I don't think they will want to sell him. Roma failed to win the final match while Inter Milan win by 2-0. AC Milan won their last league match but so too Fiorentina, making it impossible to overtake them in the league table.

This outcome will create tonnes of questions for the next season, especially for AC Milan. Will their top players consider leaving without the prestige of playing in the Champions League? What will happen? We shall all wait eagerly for the outcome. It is interesting to hear Kaka saying that they need 20 great players to challenge for top honours next season. One player rumoured to be tranfered in is Nice's goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris.

"If we want to hit the centre, we need a group of 20 great players,” the Brazilian told the Gazzetta dello Sport.

“This year we only had 15 and this was not enough for both Serie A and the Champions League."

“It has not worked out for many players this year, perhaps they did not know how to handle the pressure of having to prove everything in such a short time.”

In the La Liga, Real Madrid finally played the final match against Levante after earlier reports of the players of Levante wishing not to play because the club has not paid their wages for a long time. It is worth to mention that Iker Casillas managed to let past 32 goals out of 36 matches to win the Zamora Trophy. I also hope the club stop chasing Cristino Ronaldo as I don't see anything great about him anyway despite a tremendous incredible season he had. Atletico Madrid lost the final match and that means Barcelona managed to finish third.


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