Friday, August 15, 2008


Baptista is going to AS Roma finally. Well, most of the players I like from Real Madrid leave to AS Roma. I don't know why. Cicinho was one of them. I always like The Beast as he played well when he was in Madrid. He always score goals now and then. Offensively, he is a player to be feared with. However, I guess the formation which the coach chooses to play in Madrid forces him to always be a substitute. I wish him the very best! While Real Madrid may face AS Roma in the Champions League again and I will be laughing and clapping if they beat Real Madrid again. A more bitter defeat will be Baptista and Cicinho scoring against them.

The season is about to start and the two possible transfers left could be Huntelaar to Real Madrid and Berbatov to Manchester United. I don't know what are the chances for both to go through. Apart from that, I heard of Xabi Alonso's link to AC Milan as well as David Silva's link to FC Barcelona. Robinho is still linked with Chelsea more or less. Let's see how many of them will materialise before the transfer window closes. The English Premier League starts tomorrow!

I will watch Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspurs closely this season. Of course, let's not forget Aston Villa and Manchester City as well. Manchester United and Chelsea will be again favourites to get the crown. Arsenal? I see them losing even more experienced players than last season. Only Samir Nasir who is given so much hyped will be watched by me. How good is this so called future Zidane? I guess they won't achieve what they do last season. Last season they were leading confidently but to lost it because of not enough players to cover suspensions, injuries and fatigue. This season, I see them having even less experience and quantity to sustain it.



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