Friday, August 08, 2008


I saw it first in the Taiwanese show and then in Singapore. Finally decided to try it out in Tesco Extra Plentong since they have a promotion now.


Check out my legs!



Then, Lee Ling's.



You can easily tell the big difference. The fish attacked my feet like no tomorrow and hers were minorly touched at all. Guess that sums up the amount of dead skin I have. You will first feel extremely ticklish. I was laughing non-stop myself. I saw some others who tried after I had been there for some time to also laugh like crazy. I guess it gets worst when you see the bigger fish coming to your feet because they have stronger mouths! Haha! When you see them coming, you have to prepare yourself. Once you get used to it, it is no longer that bad. Worth trying for those who have never experience it. Well, after that, I really cannot tell the difference. Haha!

20 minutes RM20, promotion:RM13
30 minutes RM28, promotion:RM18

Unique Effectiveness of "Doctor Fish" Treatment:
-Completely getting rid of skin smear, ageing cortes, dead skin and bacteria.
-Helps variety of foot ailments like smelly foot, cracked hells, itchy.sensitive skin etc...
-Acupunture effect to hel reduce high blood pressure and treats diabetes
-Protecting your skin for a healther and more brilliant skin
-Ecological and Natural Recreation
-Safe and without side effects

Kajang Tesco, Ampang Tesco, Johor Tesco, Malacca Tesco, Selayang Mall Giant


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