Thursday, October 22, 2009


Today is an important day for Microsoft. Windows 7 will be officially launched today.

Will this be the WinXP equivalent to save the face of the WinME equivalent? Well, I always see WinVista as a total failure, a sort of good comparison of WinME. I know it is pretty stable but still most of the people who uses lotsa computer all their lives are avoiding it. I am still pretty much a WinXP user up to today. I swear I have not spent more than 10 hours on a WinVista since its birth.

The question now is should I upgrade directly? My new computer will arrive anytime now. They will provide the registration number for Win7 which I need to register on-line with Microsoft. The Win 7 will be valid till January 2010. I have until then as my last resort to upgrade from now. One of the biggest issues is about the various software support I need. I hope they all can run on Windows 7.

One of the coolest things about the new Windows is its capability to support touch screens. Dell is probably the first ever Windows computer maker who is selling such monitors now. I am unsure about the rest.

Windows Touch

One important feature which XP users like me must use is the Windows XP Mode. I am having the Win Vista Ultimate for my new computer, which allows me to upgrade to Win7 Ultimate. I heard it is better than the normal virtual machine because you are directly running it in Win7. This is probably a good way of luring WinXP users to jump into Win7. Still, let's be very sceptical until we test all the programs vigorously. I will not be praising anything until it is proven stable and good, especially Microsoft products.

Win7 editions

Windows XP Mode

Will Win7 flourish? Will it be a success to win over WinXP users like me? Well, we'll find out soon!

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