Monday, March 22, 2010


We know bird nest farming has been booming like mad in Malaysia lately. The benefits of eating bird nests from swiftlets are not so forthcoming and direct. It could take years to show results and it is mostly only consumed by Chinese. The plight of the baby swiftlets during nest harvesting is also a controversial issue. The possibility of the overpopulation of swiftlets could endanger the ecosystem.

Now, the new trend is leech farming. I have always been fascinated of leeches since the article I read few years back that they are having such therapy. However, I failed to find it at all. It is used for sucking out dirty or bad blood from your body. I am excited to visit a leech farm since my colleagues went for a leech farm visit in Johor Bahru organized by the university last weekend. I could not make it since I was away.

I had an experience of being sucked dry by over 50+ leeches during a jungle trekking trip in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah few years back. I guess I had lost many litres of blood from the oversucking that I could have lost some weight. Haha! The next day I felt the itch all over the bite marks. Now, if we can use leeches to aim correctly at parts of our body to get rid of lousy blood, that will be good!

LEECH THERAPY, HERE I COME!!!! (if I can find your farm in Johor Bahru)

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