Sunday, April 03, 2005


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Henry is on fire but so is Chelsea. Manchester United only managed a draw and that means almost certainly that Chelsea is going to win the EPL crown very very soon. Now, Arsenal and Manchester United are levelled with same points. Things look gloomy for Newcastle United however.

I thought they will respond to Alan Shearer's extension in his football career by winning the game. Unfortunately, it turns so ugly I am too ashamed to even see it. Fighting against each other to get two red cards and not feature in the next important game against Manchester United in the FA Cup. What nightmare if more bigger than that? Losing 0-3 some more! Somehow, both Bowyer and Dyer, after arguing angrily about something, traded blows and had to be separated by team mates and opponents. Incredible right? Have you ever seen opponents helping to stop a fight against your team mates? This is so stupid!

The club should give Dyer some disciplinary lessons especially with his bad reputation in the past. Bowyer is not really a very well behaved footballer as well. Fine them really hard! There was a worry in the past when Sir Bobby Robson bought all these problematic players. Bellamy is of course another one of them. The latest incident will surely destroy the reputation and image of Newcastle United. The surprising fact I got is that Dyer is at the receiving end of the fight and he may be not be fined or punished since he did not throw any punches.

Tonight, the focus will be on La Liga. Particularly Barcelona and Real Madrid. Another defeat by Real Madrid will be too late to chase the league title. They must also pray that Barcelona will start losing. If not, all the victories in the remaining matches will be useless. There are talks of some galaticos moving out after this season - Figo, Ronaldo, Owen,Woodgate and even Raul. For me, I want Beckham, Figo and Ronaldo to go out. I think Figo is still good but he is unable to play like he used to, not as fast and not as aggressive. Bring in players like Adriano, Robinho, Joaquin, Torres, Cassano, Montella and Emerson.


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