Saturday, May 07, 2005


Well, busy as always. I have an interview coming up next week. I only sent in 1 application thus far because of its early deadline. Haha! Lazy! As for the organization, it is one of the biggest organizations in Singapore. Wish me luck people!

Then, the master degree, all those application forms and finding referees. Not football referees but more like people who taught you before and university needs their opinion on you. It is not easy task to study just like that, you must get two of them to say good things about you too. Their reports are the requirements needed for the application as well. Happens that one of the referees is overseas now so there are some complications involved. Hopefully everything will be in place before I submit.

After that, there is this student ambassador program. It is a program where you as a current student go home to your school to promote your university. I went to meet some people in the admission office for this matter.

I also need to rush the JTC Urban Planning Proposal Competition which means I may not update my site until end of next week! It is dued end of next week. I just try to do my best to give myself more options at this crossroad I am now on. I wish I can make a wise decision and that somehow a gold bar drops from the sky and give me a hint of the direction I should pursue! Haha!

By then, I am sure most leagues' champions can be determined more or less. Enjoy football! The season is almost over!


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