Monday, January 23, 2006


As much as people hate and have been criticizing his hairdo, he is still one of the last few good players left in the Manchester United squad. Why is the final scoreline written to have Ferdinand against Cisse? Well, I just want to remind you guys that Manchester United won because of Rio Ferdinand and Liverpool lost because of Djibril Cisse. Simple as that.

When I first saw Mike Riley to be the refereee in this match, I was telling myself right there, right then, "Oh Oh, Liverpool are gonna lose tonight!" Mike Riley is the No.1 Manchester United fan in the world so whoever is playing against Manchester United will have a 99.9% chance of defeat.

Ferdinand prevented Liverpool from scoring after Van der Sar is beaten and Cisse wasted so many goal scoring chances I wonder why he is still in the starting 11. Crouch? Apart from some decent jumps to win some headers, I find him CROUCHING throughout the whole match! The reason Liverpool lost is because of their ineffective and inefficient forward line. They have been having more possessions of the match from my own judgement. Imagine going away on a match and to control the possession far more than the home side and still losing. It is weird right? Although I have to admit Manchester United did pressure Liverpool in the final part of the match with a few attacking runs. One of them resulted in a goal.

There is this guy who looks quite impressive in the match. Mohamed Sissoko. Who is this guy? In my opinion, he is the most promising guy in the field during the match. Anyway, to be fair to Liverpool, Manchester United's frontline is also being very quiet in the whole match. That's why it ends up being a defender getting a goal from a header from a free kick. Alonso and Gerrard are also pretty quiet in the whole match. In fact, I fell asleep a few times during the match. The players are doing more passing than attacking. It is generally a boring match. In addition, probably I am too tired myself with such a late match and for me to spend the whole of yesterday afternoon shopping for groceries.

Still, Chelsea ended the match with a surprising draw so all is not lost yet. Liverpool should really think of how to score more from now onwards. If they carry on like this, they will be having a hard time finding the net. My predictions speak for itself. I am depending more of the midfielders to score because I have no faith in the forwards. You cannot rely too much on the midfielders to score screamers all the time in every match. I don't know, I just feel Liverpool's weakness is their attacking line.

Just to remind you guys that Luca Toni scored twice again last night and is leading the Serie A charts with 21 goals. Trezequet is second with a distant 15 goals and followed by Adriano with 11 goals tying with Gilardino. There are 21 matches played to date in Serie A meaning Toni has been scoring 1 goal per match! I will be very surprised if he is not starting upfront for Italy in the World Cup 2006! For sure!

In La Liga, Barcelona are still continuing their winning streak even without Eto'o who just scored a hattrick in the African Cup of Nations and with Deco suspended. They are now in the 18th match winning streak. This is definitely the season of Ronaldinho and FC Barcelona.


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