Monday, January 16, 2006


The headline for this weekend goes to Henry. King Henry scored a hattrick! Hail Henry! The scoreline? 7-0! What more Arsenal fans will want? After assurance by Henry and Cole to stay, the confidence is back and hence, this outstanding result. The morale boosting news set the squad fire blazing. Zidane too scored a hattrick for Madrid's first win since the new coach took over.

Chelsea was made to sweat while Manchester United lost in a derby where Ferguson gambled with starting a player who he bought days ago. Liverpool maintain their consistency and is very likely to overtake Manchester United anytime soon! Right now I am thinking of a situation of whether Chelsea will drop points at the course of the second half of the season. Liverpool is the best candidate to give them a dogfight to the finish. That is a wish all EPL fans wish for. I for one will be jumping in joy if Liverpool is able to win the title this season. It will surely put Arrogant Mourinho to shame.

Most shocking news of the weekend? Roma beat Milan! Incredible! Eventhough Milan dominated and deserved a win, I still can't believe Roma won it! Juventus are still winning so they are pulling away silently. Inter Milan too won and they will surely miss Martins for the African Cup of Nations. Hey, this fellow is only 21 and surely will have a great partnership with Adriano if both stay healthy and on form!

Barcelona continue their unbeaten run with a winning goal from Messi. However, another bad incident happened involving Eto'o for spitting at Unai Exposito. Deco was sent off for allegations of diving by pulling Carlos Gurpegi's hair. Eto'o seems to be getting away with it without any fines or suspension. Eto'o must learn to grow up and not be another Wayne Rooney wannabe. He is 100X better than the overrated Rooney.

Finally, did I hear it wrong when Anelka wants to join Newcastle United? This nomad really wants to join every single club in the world before he retires. Haha! I always joke with my friends that when Anelka retires in the future, he will hold the record for the most clubs played by a professional player in his entire life! Imagine the final farewell match they will play for him. His team mates, all 10 of them in addition to him, will come from 10 different clubs he ever join in his career. It will be interesting for all 10 to wear their respective club jerseys and play with him against another selection of 11 players. Then, you get to have an All-Star team featuring the best players of each position from the 10 clubs of choice. Haha!


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