Sunday, February 12, 2006


It is surprising enough to see some giant defeats for Real Madrid and Chelsea after a run of good results. After Souness left, Newcastle are starting to taste some victories too. Things can change really fast in football if you ask me.

The only reason I can think of for big clubs to lose humbly now is the emphasis of the Champions League last 16 coming very soon. Are teams playing with less effort to preserve energy for the big one? Or is it for the World Cup on a longer run? I have no idea but we will see the true colours when Champions League matches are played end of this month.

I can't wait! Although I am also very nervous and shaky if I am going to watch Real Madrid play. They are just not very consistent and unpredictable. They can win one match 3-0 and lose the other one 0-6. They are totally unreliable.

As for the clashes of the weekend, it is between the top two of the La Liga and Serie A. What a coincidence you may say. If you think that is so interesting, wait you see the point difference. Both are 9 points apart. Finally, both 2nd placings are at home so the home fans should cheer vigorously for them to have the most of the advantage. Now, how coincident can that be?

Valencia VS. Barcelona

Inter Milan VS. Juventus

Barcelona (16W, 4D, 2L) lead the La Liga table with 52 points while Valencia (14W, 3D, 6L) are chasing behind at 43 points. Juventus (20W, 3D, 1L) lead the Serie A table with 63 points while Inter Milan (17W, 3D, 4L) are behind with 54 points.

Who will you want to win? Naturally, I want both the top clubs of both leagues to lose. That will open up the competition more and make the chase longer to last. Down with Juventus and down with Barcelona. The reason? Adriano and David Villa of course are the main reasons.


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