Sunday, March 26, 2006


Barcelona have 8 matches left in the La Liga. They are still in the Champions League. They hace 13 points lead on top, if Real Madrid win tonight, they will have 11 points lead.
1. HOME to Real Madrid (2-3/20) A draw or defeat is possible
2. AWAY to Racing Santander (14/20) A win most likely
3. HOME to Villarreal (8/20) A draw or a defeat is possible
4. AWAY to FC Sevilla (5/20) A draw or a defeat is possible
5. HOME to Cadiz (19/20) A win almost confirmed
6. AWAY to Celta Vigo (7/20) A draw or a defeat is possible
7. HOME to Espanyol (16/20) A win almost confirmed
8. AWAY to Athletic Bilbao (12/20) A win most likely

At the most, Barcelona can only lose 4 matches, which is 12 points. Mathematically it is still possible to chase but Osasuna, Real Madrid and Valencia must win all the remaining matches, which is not possible. Well, at least it is not fully hopeless at this point of time.

Chelsea have 7 matches left in the Premier League. They are currently leading 14 points on top. If Manchester United win both matches they still have to play, they will have a 9 points lead.
1. AWAY to Birmingham (18/20) A win almost confirmed
2. HOME to West Ham (9/20) A draw likely
3. AWAY to Bolton (7/20) A draw or defeat possible
4. HOME to Everton (10/20) A win likely
5. HOME to Liverpool (2-3/20) A draw or defeat possible
6. HOME to Manchester United (2-3/20) A draw or defeat possible
7. AWAY to Newcastle United (12/20) A draw or win possible

Chelsea will drop most likely 9 points with 3 defeats. Same case as above, it is not really hopeless but Manchester United and Liverpool have to win almost all the remaining matches.

Juventus hold 8 points lead in the Serie A. They have only AC Milan to be in the real fight to the end. They are still in the Champions League competition. 7 matches left.
1. AWAY to Treviso (20/20) A win almost confimed
2. HOME to Fiorentina (4/20) A draw or defeat possible
3. AWAY to Cagliari (15/20) A win most likely
4. HOME to Lazio (8/20) A draw or defeat possible
5. AWAY to Siena (13/20) A win most likely
6. HOME to Palermo (9/20) A draw or win possible
7. AWAY to Reggina (14/20) A win most likely

Looking at the remaining matches, I think only Fiorentina is able to give Juventus a defeat. The maximum defeat is probably 2 with another possible candidate being Lazio. Juventus have a better mathematical chance to win the league compare to Barcelona and Chelsea.


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