Sunday, May 28, 2006


Autodesk is like the Microsoft of design, rendering, lighting and animation in the Windows platform. They almost conquer the whole market and eats up any smaller companies giving it threat. This includes Lightscape, Revit and Maya.

There are jokes that if they buy Adobe, they have become the biggest software giant there is in the market after Microsoft. You will be able to do your photoshopping inside Max or AutoCad! Haha!

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Anyway, I went to the Autodesk Revit 9 workshop and looking forward to the AutoCad 2007 workshop coming end of May.

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They give away this free measuring tape with the Autodesk Subscription logo. The subscription is basically a way to upgrade your current version/s every year as they come up with new releases with a better pricing.

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This is no ordinary measuring tape. It comes with a built-in calculator!

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Therefore, when you measure on site, you can calculate and even write down on the paper provided!

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This calculator will be handy for architects who always have a pen ready but no place to write when measuring on site! Haha!


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