Thursday, May 11, 2006


My Shanghai friend recommended some links for live tv streaming online. They are both generally smooth streaming in my campus. Not so sure elsewhere.


As Donny Ginola is asking me to monitor the pricing of the Arsenal jersey, I don't have a clue whether the price will go even higher or lower down as the season comes to an end. However, I have a pledge to make. That I will buy either Ronaldinho of Barcelona or Henry of Arsenal depending on who is going to perform better in the Champions League final. Another Spanish side, Sevilla just won the UEFA Cup from Middlesbrough. Will it be a clean sweep by Barcelona for Spain or it will be 1-1?

I hope the final will be more offensive and more free flowing. We want entertaining football. While the seaon comes to a close, I am wondering whether I should go broke and purchase both Zidane's and Shearer's last club jerseys. I am getting poor if I buy all 3, including the one mentioned above.

Either way, I hope for a Barcelona win because I think Ronaldinho deserves the trophy for his outstanding performance. I am not a Barcelona fan if you think so. I know there are more Arsenal fans reading my site than Barcelona fans. I just feel Barcelona are more qualified, their Europe record is too ridiculous for a club their size. Therefore, I think they deserve it more. Enough said. If Arsenal win, by all means I will be proud of them, especially the yound lads.


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