Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I don't update myself with the hardware world as frequently as I do in the past. Probably that tells you how busy I am. I just went to play the XBox 360 with a friend after dining at Sakae Sushi. Have you guys seen or touch that box yet?

When I first saw it, I was thinking to myself, why not buy a CPU? The box is bigger than a laptop and slightly smaller than the general CPU size of this era. You can easily see from here that the engineering sucks. They probably just try their best to squeeze in everything as fast as possible and you get a machine that is twice the size of any console in human history.

The game? I tried Dead Or Alive 4 with my friend and when you choose the characters, the giant face detail coming up requires a loading of at least 2 seconds. You wonder why it requires such long loading with only barely 20 characters around the list. The graphics? Nothing to be awe about, there is no WOW! factor, if I hide the machine, you can easily guess it is the original XBox. The controller sucks as always. Microsoft will flop on this one as with the first. There is nothing new that will draw me to buy this machine. The next game we checked out was a car racing game. Again, nothing spectacular or anything to talk about.

Playstation 3 will take more time to be released because of the blue ray dvd issue. Seriously, many gamer friends have discussed the topic of delay release to destroy its market dominance. I don't know, in the history of video gaming, it is proven you can be a giant and be destroyed almost totally after that. History means nothing here. It is rather to detect the trend of the market.

Still, the old rule stays. Whoever have more titles released will almost certainly be able to sustain itself and dominate. I for one always go for brand loyalty and history and I never believe Microsoft has anything to offer in the gaming industry, not even in the computer gaming industry have they released anything decent enough to be given credit. Perhaps a bit of credit to Age of Empires which I gave up when it looks too educational at first. I heard it got better now.

I will wait patiently for the Playstation 3. I still believe the Japanese makes better games than anybody on earth.


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