Friday, September 22, 2006


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Sandy Lam is coming to Singapore to stage a concert on the 9th December 2006. A tour that will include Beijing, Shanghai and Taiwan as well. Well, I am making decisions whether to go or not. I mean she had been singing since my primary school days and I don't mind paying for a veteran like her. She has been around for so long now! I just realized that all the Hong Kong female veterans are SK-II models - Sammy, Sandy and Kelly. I think probably just left with Sally.

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I spent the night going through to watch her music videos. I was surprised she can sing English so well and good! Now, I am convinced and most probably going to buy her concert tickets! I am no big fan but it is worth going to a veteran's concert for all the memories and the great songs she has under her belt.

P/S: Xabi Alonso's goal is phenomenal! Poor Harper!

P/P/S: "A kid asked me on Wednesday if I would have liked to play for another team, Straight away I said Liverpool," said Thierry Henry.

"First of all, I would have loved to play with Steven Gerrard and second I like the club and their fans. There's something about Anfield that you can't explain."

"I love it when you step out of the dressing-room and you see the Kop, the scarves, and [hear people] singing You'll Never Walk Alone. Just that, that would do it for me."

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