Friday, July 06, 2007


I have not watched a single match! I don't even know who is playing well. All I know is the quarterfinals are already here.

Venezuela VS. Uruguay
Chile VS. Brazil
Mexico VS. Paraguay
Argentina VS. Peru

Seems like Robinho, Crespo, Gago, Santa Cruz and CabaƱas are the leading scorers so far. Argentina are looking great! They may have the chance to win!

Let's look at the Formula 1 for a while now that the season starts to bring back the good old days of McLaren-Mercedes VS. Ferrari. Remember the Mika Hakkinen VS. Michael Schumacher days? Yes, the current battle starts to look like that, but the difference is it is doubled! We are talking about two McLaren-Mercedes drivers against two Ferrari drivers!

Lewis Hamilton is the surprise of the season so far leading the table, followed by team mate Fernando Alonso. Felipe Massa is doing well for Ferrari at third and finally chasing behind is team mate Kimi Raikkonen. With four racers chasing each other till the end, this could be the most exciting season for a long time. I wish the competition goes till the last race in Brazil on 21 October 2007!


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