Monday, August 06, 2007


Now, what a good way to start the season for Manchester United for beating Chelsea in the Charity Shield. The new season is coming and the football fans are rejoicing. Chelsea are extremely quiet in the transfer market this season, extremely quiet by their standards. I wonder why and I don't know it will stay that way until the season starts. Arsenal look positive with the win against Ajax that got them the Amsterdam Tournament. The goal scorer, Robin van Persie has this to say about Ljungberg.

"If you play nine years at a club like Arsenal you can say some nice words,' he told the News of the World."

"If you're coming up with excuses about Thierry's departure and about promises from the club it's a bit weak."

"I was disappointed and I know a few others were as well. He had a fantastic period, he was once the best player in England, so come on and say some nice things for this club, which is fantastic."

As for Real Madrid, I just need to shake my head everytime I hear them struggling through the matches now as it is expected from me when they sacked Capello. When Capello came, the team started from ground zero and was built in one season with all the team work and confidence fully back after 4 years missing in the club. I would expect the board to be patient because it took Capello one season to heal a club and perhaps another season to play the attractive football they are so crazy of. To me, Real Madrid played enough heart attack football in the last stretch of the league last season and I could not agree with the stupid excuse that he was sacked because the team is not playing attractive football. Capello did not play defence as the club went into those last few matches with many goals scored by the oppositions. The club scored a lot of goals too to win matches. It was to me the most exciting period for the past 4 years. It has been ages since such periods were around where the club just cannot lose matches.

Now, the throw Capello out and wanted to start all over again from ground zero. It is so pathetic. They think this unknown German coach can do what Capello did in 1 season? There are so many coaches between Del Bosque and Capello who came and failed. Are those failures not enough to justify how incredible Capello is by doing what he did in 1 season? I am expecting another season without anything and the board will go through the same cycle of getting a new coach, he fails, fired him, find a new one, continue and repeat the cycle.......

They just never learn from history and past experiences. I rather have a difficult coach with me than someone who cannot handle the players. Now, they go all over the market wanting to buy any player anywhere and risked throwing out talented players like Cicinho and Baptista. The only thing I can be positive is Saviola is scoring, which is good. I hope he won't turn into another Michael Owen like how he was treated when he was here.

Real Madrid have one big problem. They don't respect good coaches and good players. They rather put their money on some players or coaches which I have no sensible ideas why they do it rather than political connections with the board or president. The good players ended up on the bench or played in wierd positions and finally will have their sufferings ended and sold out cheaply elsewhere.


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